25th & 26th FEBRUARY 2017


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India Property Expo in Singapore

Singapore’s third largest ethnic group, the Indians form 9.2% of the country’s population.

Interestingly, Singapore today enjoys the distinction of one of the largest overseas Indian populations, compared to other cities. Most Indians migrated after 1891 and while the earlier immigrants included a transient lot of workers, soldiers & others, the community had settled down by mid 20th century.

Singapore provides a home to almost all major Indian ethnic groups, the largest percentage of the Indian population in the country originates from South India. Singapore’s Indian residents (58%) comprise of people of Tamil ancestry, while the minority India groups include Malayalees, Punjabis, Sindhis, and Gujaratis among others.

Generally, Indians are fairly active in preserving and practicing their religion, customs and festivals in order to maintain a bond with their native country. Most regard little India as a home away from home.

The Indian diaspora of expat Indian comprises of work force in IT, MNCs, Shipping and other sectors which forms a formidable work force of Singapore.

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